Friday 16 November 2018

Rise in women seeking 'holiday' from health bills

By gum: Many people are travelling abroad for cheaper dentistry treatment
By gum: Many people are travelling abroad for cheaper dentistry treatment

A website providing information for people seeking a range of medical or dental treatment abroad, has reported that twice as many Irish women as men are now registering enquiries.

The medical tourism website,, said that in July nearly eight in 10 of the enquiries they received from here about dental treatment abroad were from women.

The leading countries preferred by Irish people for the treatment are Turkey, Poland and Hungary.

The main treatments they are thinking of going abroad to get are the ones that are most expensive at home, including tooth whitening and procedures like veneers, crowns and implants. Cost is a major factor in people's decision to go abroad and, in many cases, they combine the trip with a holiday.

The health search engine offers a calculator that provides figures for various treatments in different countries.

While the Irish Dental Association has warned people to be mindful of the quality of care, as well as what kind of comeback to expect if something goes wrong, it appears more Irish people are willing to broaden their horizons in search of cheaper deals. Remember:

  • It is essential to do research before you go and ensure the dentist who is treating you is properly registered (i.e. fully qualified).
  • Seek out testimonials from other people who have used the same dentist.
  • Check if language is going to be an issue -- don't understimate the frustration of not being able to communicate or understand.
  • Some companies include travel and accommodation in the prices they quote, while with others you make your own arrangements.
  • Do your own price comparison before parting with any money -- don't take the information given on the website as gospel.
  • Find out how much recovery time is needed, particularly if you are planning to fly home immediately.

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