Sunday 18 March 2018

People are talking: Mammy'll be livid at generation sex

Plus one: Apparently we've all been at it like rabbits
Plus one: Apparently we've all been at it like rabbits

So, what's your number? Half the country was walking around last week counting up names on their fingers.

Clodagh, Tina, Cliona and that air hostess from Stoke-on-Trent you met in Ibiza. Why the quick count? Because we wanted to check against the national average.

This was triggered by our survey which threw back the covers on the rumpy pumpy of Irish thirty-somethings. You wouldn't exactly say they are saving themselves for Mr or Miss Right. Not when their average number of sexual partners is 8.5. And we were thinking we're all prudes.

Ireland's thirty-somethings have a bigger problem than trying to figure out if they are a bit too easy. That problem is Mammy. She won't be happy with the results of this survey.

Mainly because she had to keep herself pure for 10 years until himself popped the question. Not that she will ever admit to being jealous. Mammy doesn't like talking about her sex life. She is more likely to try a bit of twerking at the golf club dinner dance.

Still, you can imagine some pretty awkward scenes around Irish dinner tables this Sunday. Mammy: I heard during the week that your generation is at it like rabbits. Thirty-something: Is that a problem for you? Mammy: Not really. As long as my daughters are well below the national average of 8.5 and my sons are well above it.

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