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Wednesday 17 January 2018

Patients wait 12 hours for beds on wards

Nearly one in three patients had to wait more than 12 hours in A&E after a doctor said they were sick enough to be admitted to a ward.

One in 10 had to wait between six and 12 hours before getting a bed, according to a new survey of 1,214 patients who were asked about different aspects of their hospital stay.

The survey was carried out by the Irish Society for Quality and Safety in Healthcare, a not-for-profit body.

Overall, the survey found good levels of satisfaction but many patients reported a lack of information about tests, the side effects of medication and the aftercare they got after leaving hospital.

* Eight in 10 patients expressed satisfaction with the quality and standard of food received during their hospital stay. But 18.6pc did not like what was served up for meals.

* Approximately eight out of 10 patients (81.4pc) expressed their satisfaction with the food during their stay.

* More than one in 10 on a waiting list had the procedure postponed more than once by the hospital.

* 96.5pc agreed that they were always treated with dignity and respect.

* Most patients were satisfied with the level of privacy during examinations.

* More than seven in 10 who received a new type of medication in hospital reported that all of the reasons for taking it were made clear to them.

* Of those patients who underwent a procedure, 52.9pc reported that the doctor marked the site for surgery beforehand. But more than three out of 10 said the site was not marked; 15.9pc could not remember.

* The majority reported that if they needed help it was given in a timely manner by hospital staff, while the remaining 9.3pc were dissatisfied with the time taken for staff to respond.

* Almost two-thirds said they did not receive any written information regarding the hospital and its routines.

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