Wednesday 22 November 2017

Olympian Barry Murphy reveals moments of doubt following London performance

Barry James Murphy
Barry James Murphy

Olympic swimmer Barry Murphy has revealed how he considered quitting following the London Olympics.

Irish swimmer Barry Murphy has revealed how following a less than successful performance at the Olympics last summer, he considered quitting competitive swimming.

The Irish swimmer, who has competed for over seven years in the pool, tells FIT magazine that his confidence was at an all time low after the games, and that he thought about leaving.

"I had set out to get to the quarters and semis and to do my best. But I didn't achieve that, which was hard to take.

"I went through a few months where I was asking myself: am I ready to give it up?"

The  Dublin man who moved to America in his teens to follow his dream, reveals he was back home in Ireland for the first time, and feeling lost.

"I was back living at home for the first time in seven years and I had the goal in mind to do well in the Games."

However, after finding a new coach, a new training regime and a new diet, Barry has rekindled his passion for the pool.

"I've been on the Paleo diet since January," he explains.

"I just eat a lot more carbs because of the volume of training I do," says Barry.  The Paelo diet is one of the toughest to maintain. All processed and refined foods are off the menu, as well as most dairy products.

His new trainer, Paul O'Donovan has designed a programme for Barry which has made him stronger than ever.

Barry's weekly workout regime consists of 16-20 outs of pool sessions and six to eight hours in the gym every week. Weekends he admits are not for kicking back, as the lifestyle of a professional swimmer requires dedication seven days per week.

"When we are in the heavier training period, a social life goes out the window. It's not like I'd want to go out and have a couple of drinks though, I'm just too tired to be bothered."

Barry is currently focused on competing again this summer in the World Cup Series and providing coaching for younger swimmers in the youth squad. 


Read the article in full in Fit magazine, free in today's Irish Independent.

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