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Sunday 17 December 2017

MPs call for stop to new EU regulation of food supplements

A controversial new European law to limit the use hundreds of vitamin and food supplements could cost Britain thousands of jobs, a cross party group of MPs has claimed.

The MPs, which include Kate Hoey, the former Sports Minister, have written to the Daily Telegraph detailing their concerns over changes to European Union’s Food Supplements Directive.

They claim that a renewed push by the new European Commissioner Tonio Borg to standardise the type and size of food supplements could destroy our health food industry.

At present EU countries police their own industries and have led to a wide disparity on the type of supplement and the size of the doses.

Britain is seen as having a more generous and less strict framework.

Now Miss Hoey, along with Dr John Pugh, the Liberal Democrat MP, and Marcus Jones, the Conservative MP, are calling on Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary, to fight against the plans when he meets with Borg tomorrow.

“Such a move would be contentious here in Britain where millions of people have consumed safe higher-potency vitamin and mineral supplements for many decades, with no evidence of significant harm,” the letter states.

“Were maximum permitted levels for such nutrients to be set as restrictively as is being sought, not only would consumer choice be restricted, but the viability of hundreds of independent health food retailers would be threatened.”

Miss Hoey said thousands of jobs could also be lost in manufacturing and distribution of health supplements.

The health food industry which includes natural remedies, vitamin supplements and mineral plant extracts is thought tot be worth £300 million-a-year in the UK.

Richard Alleyne,

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