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Friday 27 April 2018

Meteorologist Gerry Murphy: 'I eat two raw eggs every morning'

Gerry Murphy
Gerry Murphy

9.45am When I'm on TV, I tend not to get up too early. That's because I'm on air until 9.30 at night and I don't want to be too tired.

Presenting the weather on RTE is just part of my job. As a Met Eireann meteorologist, I do shift work on a nine-day cycle.

In RTE, I normally do three days where I start at 1pm and finish around 10pm. After a rest day I work in Met Eireann where I start at 10am and finish at 2pm.

The following night I do 8pm until 8am. Then I'm off for three days.

After the night shift I don't set the alarm. I allow myself sleep as long as necessary – and that can be up to 11 hours – because I've found it helps me to recover from the night shift much quicker.

I dress, do some warm- up exercises and then go for a run in the local park. I come back and finish with a few stretches, then take my multivitamin and glucosomine.

I mix one cup of porridge, one cup of water and one cup of milk and while that's cooking I shower and change.

11.15am I throw some prunes, flax seeds, blueberries and strawberries into the porridge and sit down to eat breakfast. Before having my porridge I take two raw eggs for protein. I'd do that every day.

I toast one slice of spelt bread, spread it with butter and damson jam and make a cup of tea with a drop of milk. I sit and listen to the radio while I'm eating.

12.45pm I drive to RTE and before I go up to the office I make sure to shave. I'd shave as late as possible in order to look my best on air. Then I go to make-up.

1.30pm Once I'm in the office I immediately get to grips with the weather and begin to prepare graphics for my first broadcast. I keep a bottle of water beside me and drink that throughout the day.

2.45pm I do the broadcast and then go over to the canteen where I have a bowl of onion soup and some greens from the salad bar as well as a slice of roast beef. I also have a cup of tea with milk.

3.30pm I'm busy during the afternoon preparing the European and world forecasts. While I work I eat an apple and an orange.

5.30pm I go down to make-up for a quick check then return to the office where I go through the additional meteorological information that has come in for the main evening broadcast.

6.55pm I do my next broadcast. The day begins to settle down and I can go across to the canteen where I get dinner. I have cod, a good portion of carrots and runner beans, and one potato.

I try to limit my intake of bread, pasta and potatoes but I wouldn't eliminate them from my diet. I also have a yogurt topped with granola.

7.40pm I have more preparation work to do on the forecasts.

8.15pm I eat a banana. After the nine o'clock news I prepare the forecast that goes out around midnight.

10pm I check emails and go home. Because I've been working late I watch some telly and read to wind down.

1am Before going to bed I take a cup of warm milk.

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