Thursday 14 December 2017

Karl's tips to keep your body revved up all summer

Karl Henry
Karl Henry

This is the final day of our 'Ssupercharge your summer' series.

Hopefully if you're following our plan, you will be exercising regularly and eating well, and already feeling the benefits of a healthier way of life.

And just to keep you motivated, here are a few key tips to keep your body revved up and working as efficiently as possible.

Change it to rev it:

Our bodies are incredible; they react to the environment they are placed in and the stress that is placed upon them. If you continue to run the same route and follow the same gym programme, then you cannot expect to get results. Instead alter an aspect of your programme regularly. Change the weights you are lifting, alternate your running speeds or swap your usual class, and watch the impact this has on your body.

Drop the carbs to burn more fat:

New research shows that having a protein-only meal before your workout will increase the amount of fat you burn during it. Your body will work harder and use more fat as a fuel source. Protein foods include meat, fish and eggs or tofu, pulses and quorn for vegetarians. It's a simple switch, but it's an extremely effective fat-burning tool.

Don't break the machine:

By taking your resting heart rate (RHR) on a weekly basis, you can see how much stress is being placed on your body.

If you're pushing yourself too hard, your RHR will spike, showing you that it needs more downtime.

To take your RHR, simply measure your pulse in the morning for 15 seconds and multiply by four.

The lower the number, the better it is, and if you are at breaking point, you will see that your RHR rises. Simply rest for a day or two and it will come back down.


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