Tuesday 23 January 2018

Karl Henry's fitness tips: Training the trainer

Karl Henry
Karl Henry

Karl Henry

I had a great email recently asking me about my own training and races I’m planning this year, so I thought I would share those with you.

Last year I couldn’t train for pretty much most of the year, which was one of my most frustrating 12 months ever. But thankfully I am now back on track and hard in training for the Courtmacsherry Ultra marathon in beautiful West Cork. It will be my first long race — 36 miles — for two years and I must admit I am seriously excited.

My training involves five runs a week at the moment: one recovery, one hills, one speed and then two longer runs back-to-back at the weekend.

Being a loose head prop for 12 years when I played rugby in school, long distance running was never my forte, but I started doing marathons in college in my early twenties and loved the thrill of the challenge and the training. I am hooked. There is nothing like the feeling of crossing the line of a race.

As well as my run training, I |do two 30-minute yoga sessions each week and one or two weights sessions to work on imbalances in my glutes.

I see my career as one of continuous learning. You can never know enough and you only really learn by doing. I love challenging myself to extremes. Sometimes they work out and sometimes they don’t — either way I learn all the way through.

In terms of food, I follow the same principle that I use with my clients, which is healthy and balanced all week and one treat meal at the weekend. For breakfast I have scrambled egg with avocados or porridge, lunch is a chicken salad and dinner is protein — fish, chicken, lean meat, eggs — with lots of vegetables and sometimes sweet potato or brown pasta if I have a long run the day after. I would normally snack on Brazil nuts or hummus and drink around three litres of water a day.

I have finally entered the world of Twitter, so if you want healthy posts, motivational tips, recipes and much more, follow me on @karlhenrypt


How many of us put something off, finding an excuse not to do it, probably finding several excuses, one reaffirming the other until we are convinced that it can’t be done? You put it off and off until eventually you just don’t do it.

Well now is the time. Enough of finding those excuses, just get off your ass and do it. Why not make today the day, grab that goal by the scruff of the neck and get your diary out and just commit to doing it, no matter what happens.

Life is too short to be stopped by those excuses. They will always be there; you need to decide that you WILL do it, you CAN do it and now you are GOING to do it. You will reach your target as you aren’t going to stop until you do. That’s it, deal done, now get out there and get started!


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