Tuesday 21 November 2017

Karl Henry: I was just wondering if you could give me some tips to get motivated

Karl Henry

Karl Henry

I was just wondering if you could give me some tips to get motivated, I am struggling to get into any sort of exercise routine at the moment.

A Motivation is one of the key components of any successful training plan, you need to put aside some time and go through these steps to ensure that you get the very best out of your training and stay motivated too.

1. Why: Sit yourself down with a pen and write whatever comes into your mind. Think of where you are at this moment in time, how did you get to that point?

What caused you to be at the fitness level you are now? Are you happy about it? If not, why? What is it that you really want to change? Once you discover this, you will really know why you want to start.

2. When: Now you know why, you need to be definitive and definite. Make a date and put it in your diary. This is your start date and nothing comes in the way of it, nothing!

By making this time your priority, you will begin to appreciate how important that time is to you. You should also pencil your runs or workouts into your diary on a regular basis as this ensures that you keep prioritising it and it ensures that you stick to it too.

3. Where: The location is actually so important. If it is a gym, you need to feel that you are getting service and feel comfortable in the gym space. You should ideally choose somewhere that is close to work or home, so you can get there easily.

The further and more out of the way it is, the harder it will be for you to get there, the easier it is to make excuses to avoid going.

4. Who: One of the most important questions I ask all my clients is who are you doing this for? A partner or family member or yourself?

You need to be doing it for you and you alone! It is no good trying to get fit to please someone in your life, because when it gets tough and you get sore, you can be sure that you will struggle to keep going. But when you yourself are the primary reason, you dig deeper and work harder.

5. How: What do you actually need to achieve your goal? Is it going to cost you much? will it take much time out of your week?

It's great to sign up for an ironman triathlon, but the financial implications and the training time commitment cause so many people to give up.


Q I have no interest in losing weight but my wife is on at me to get fit. Are there any advantages to this?

Ideally weight loss would be important as part of any plan if you are overweight, but so many people are happy as they are. That's cool, but if that's the case you need to do your best to get fit.

By getting fitter and stronger, you will reduce your medical bills, improve your life expectancy, and improve your health.

Ever notice how you get out of breath going up stairs? This is your aerobic fitness level telling you that it can't move your body around as it would like. If you want to measure this properly and easily then why not take your resting pulse rate. Simply place your index finger up to the base of your neck or wrist, count for 15 seconds and multiply the number of pulses by 4. If your number is over 70 or 80 then you have work to do.

The next element you should be looking to improve is your strength. The heavier you are the more pressure is placed upon your joints and this can increase your risk of arthritis and osteoporosis. Weight-bearing exercises are the best way to improve the muscles of the legs and hips, squats and lunges are great, even walking up a set of stairs will do.

No matter what your weight, if you work on these two elements of fitness then you will add years to your life, you will be healthier and happier too!

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