Monday 21 October 2019

How to keep your head after losing your job

Validate your emotions – accept that you're inevitably angry and upset – but decide that you don't want to stay in this rut

• Don't think of yourself as a loser – job loss is part of life now and lots of people are unemployed, so don't take it personally

• Don't push family and friends away – instead expand your contacts base through social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter

• Change the way you think. Take an empowered approach to your situation and look at this time as a period between your last job and your next job

• Have an action plan for every day that encompasses 'both' of your jobs – looking after yourself in terms of exercise, nutrition, self-esteem and finding a new job – up-skilling, expanding your contacts base etc.

• Accept the given – unemployment – but consider the benefits of your position; more time with the family, a chance to learn new skills etc.

• Re-evaluate your material needs and go over the household accounts.

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