Saturday 25 November 2017

How does Gerry's routine rate?

Gerry has an incredibly good intake of fruits and vegetables and gets a great variety of colour in his diet.

On this day he eats almost nine servings of fruits and vegetables, ensuring a good intake of soluble fibre, essential vitamins and minerals.

With such a good intake, it's possible that Gerry doesn't need his daily multi-vitamin.

He minimises his carbohydrate intake, which is fine as he balances it out with lots of fruits and vegetables. However, he does not need to restrict them quite so much as he is very active.

Including some potato, brown rice, quinoa or wholegrain crackers with lunch or as a snack is one option. Including carbohydrate here will just help to keep his blood sugars level throughout the afternoon and provide some insoluble fibre, too. Also it might be a good idea for Gerry to fuel himself before his run . . . maybe an isotonic drink or a piece of fruit.

Something small to kickstart the metabolism and help fuel his muscles.

Lastly, Gerry does eat a little too much protein. I would suggest reducing his daily two eggs.

Eggs are incredibly nutritious but ideally we should only eat seven a week.

Also it is always best to cook the eggs to help reduce the risk of salmonella but something tells me this is a long-standing tradition so maybe Gerry might compromise and reduce his egg intake to 7-10 a week and cook them.

– Aveen Bannon, consultant dietician with the Dublin Nutrition Centre

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