Monday 17 December 2018

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Hot whiskey

I sometimes suffer with my throat in winter, and swear by a hot whiskey laced with manuka honey and lemon. Does the trick every time!

Cod liver oil

I take cod liver oil and glucosamine daily as I have arthritis in my left ankle from a car accident a few years back.

I also take some protein powder to assist my recovery after being in the gym.


I mainly snack on unsalted cashew nuts or any types of seeds I can get my hands on.

When I'm stuck I'll happily have the odd protein bar.


I love tuna and will eat it raw, straight out of a tin when on the road, or lightly grilled if at home.

E45 cream

I worked as a cosmetic scientist for years and know exactly how the industry works and what is in all the products.

I swear by E45 cream to moisturise.


I love fishing – just walking 30 minutes in the fresh air to get to a good fishing spot and relaxing by the sea is amazing for the soul.


I work out with a personal trainer, Maija, in Bodybyrne fitness two days a week. Then I try to get in an extra two sessions myself.

Keith will be on tour in 2013 with new show The Dark Side. Tickets are €30, more info at

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