Monday 26 February 2018

Five ways... to boost your fertility

Sperm and blood tests are an important factor
Sperm and blood tests are an important factor

Jett Horszowski

Simple things may help you conceive faster, here, an expert in the field shares her top tips.

The human body is a sensitive and complex organism, especially when it comes to reproduction. Small differences in our reproductive status at each stage of the process can lead to problems, or benefits, later on.

A multiplicity of factors, such as lifestyle, nutrition, weight, fitness, stress-levels, hormonal balance, and emotional and psychological well-being, all have a role to play. It’s obviously sensible to be sure that they are all working in your favour, if you can.


1. BREATHE & RELEASE STRESS: Get more O2 (oxygen) into the cells with an 8 minute daily guided meditation..


2. WATER: hydrate with warm herbal teas – we are two thirds H2O (water) and the majority of us are chronically dehydrated.


3. FOOD: Increase your protein intake to 25%.  Embrace plant based proteins such as beans, seeds, spirulina.  Grains such as quinoa are also high in protein. Cold water fish is preferable to other meat. 


4. FUEL AGAIN: Cut out sugar and eat lots of vegetables (carbohydrates).  Watch that your white bread, pasta and rice intake is negligible.  Choose grains such as spelt, corn, quinoa and barley for moderate use instead. Avoid caffeine and alcohol.


5. GET TESTED: sperm test  and ladies, HSG (tube blockage), blood tests, day 2 (reserve) and 21(ovulation)


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