Saturday 17 March 2018

FIT Tweets

Colin Lynch


A few training sessions under the belt in Mexico now in prep for the worlds. All I can say is: the track is the fastest in the world.

Rose-Anne Galligan


Walk back into my house after training and it's an icebox compared to outside! Might move my couch outside for the day!!

Ciarán Ó Lionáird


Any athlete that tries to get the highest level in his/her particular field respects greatly the efforts of others, GAA, running or other

Shauna Cannon


How is it possible that I limp faster than people walk? #MoveOutOfTheWay #SlowPokes #1MilePerHour

Dan Martin


Cycling on TV needs some kind of highlights package. First 50k of race today was incredible yet people at home none the wiser #entertainment

Katie Taylor


It's not the right things we do occasionally, but it's the right things we do consistently that change our lives. Consistency is key.

John O'Regan


Progress comes from knowing what to do, how to do it, when to do and more importantly when not to do it. #trainhard #trainsmart #no17pt

Niall Breslin


Going to run @todayfmofficial half-marathon with Ray Darcy @cupidkelly on 18th April for @LauraLynnHouse .Get involved.

Joe Friel


What you do in the hours and days before a race should be consistent. Create a perfect routine and do it every time.

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