Saturday 16 December 2017

FIT KIT: FIT Hit - stay connected with Garmin unit


The GPSMAP 64 can be used on outdoor trails or finding a railway station
The GPSMAP 64 can be used on outdoor trails or finding a railway station
FIT Kit Quest watch

Asher Senyk

Stay connected. The GPSMAP 64 is the latest version of Garmin's hand-held units for on-the-trail or urban navigation. Typically, the type of person interested in this unit would be somebody looking to navigate the mountains, roads and urban areas. While its main use for me was hunting down 'geocaches' in the Dublin surrounds, I found this unit extremely well packed with features to a broad range of sports.

The high-resolution colour screen is easy to read in the daylight, and comes pre-loaded with worldwide base maps. At first use it works a bit like a car navigation aid, with a series of menu options and ways to navigate. The satellite link is superfast using the two main signals from the sky (GPS and GLONASS).

The pre-loaded 250,000 geocaches come with full hints, descriptions and tracking logs. Up until now most devices have required updating and refreshing to find your cache.

It's apparent when you choose the dashboard function of your current speed, moving time, elevation and travel distance, that this device has many more functions. You get a reliable compass, trip computer and route manager. So whether you're in the car mapping your way to a city or town, or trying to find a train station or hotel, it's all included.

It is particularly handy when travelling in cities, to find your destination. I would see this as an extraordinary device to take along on your next Camino De Santiago hike. It comes with a calculator, alarm clock, stopwatch, sun/moon and tides. You also get fishing/ hunting charts and area calculations for measuring the exact perimeter of properties. It features a rugged case and smartphone connectivity, IPX7 waterproofing. ANT+ signal compatible.

Hit: Extraordinary gadget. A worldwide traveller, reliable and packed with functions.

Knock: You'll need a good supply of batteries for extended use.

Fit Kit: GPS Watch


If you are looking for a nice-looking and feature-packed heart rate monitor, the Quest might be for you.

There are lots of 'traditional' components you can add such as foot pods for distance and GPS tracker pods for relaying maps of your training.

This watch is swim-friendly, with 30 metres of waterproofing; bike-friendly; and comes with a very good range of additional training aids (heart rate; intervals; and 'create your own training').

Pros: Attractive, very functional and easy-to-read screen. Colours available.

Cons: The menus take a bit of getting used to and setting up the training programs requires connection to the internet.

VERDICT: While this is not 'all-in-one' GPS, it bridges the gap between functional training watch and daily timepiece.

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