Tuesday 16 January 2018

Fit Kit: Compression socks

Engaging the 'beast inside' allows us to dig deep.
Engaging the 'beast inside' allows us to dig deep.

Asher Senyk

Compression socks has been widely used in the medical profession for their circulation and recovery characteristics. This technology has been adopted by runners to increase performance and delay the onset of fatigue, especially in the calf muscles. Advancements in compression socks have come a long way, using space-age research and medical development to produce the best recovery results.



CEP has used a smart 'graduated' compression to ensure the full calf muscle and ankle are kept in firm contact with the fabric. Of course a better fit gives more effective compression. This is definitely noticeable in the CEP compression socks. The various panels in the socks pull and push on different parts of your calf muscles. About the only drawback is the synthetic fabric feels a little slippery.

Pros: Graduated and firm compression. Specific sizing for a perfect fit.

Cons: Fabric.

Verdict: Synthetic fabric was the coolest out of all the socks tested, but was a bit slippery in a runner.



The balance of fabric in these socks is thin in some places (around the sweat glands on your feet) and thicker where you need it. Compression was the lightest of all the socks tested and the fit was generally larger. I would see these as a great training compression sock or great for after running but they wouldn't be my choice for marathon distance.

Pros: Thin, breathable and good value.

Cons: Seams around the toe box didn't form around my foot properly. General sizes available.

Verdict: Comfortable, but compression (tightness) could be a bit firmer.

Hilly Energize Compression Sock


Celliant is mineral woven into the fabric which acts as a photocatalysts – light therapy, allowing your body to harness the power of light. While it might seem far out there, the same celliant fibre is used in the medical trade and by astronauts to aid muscle and bone health. Of course this, coupled with the compression element, gets you a natural feeling, comfortable sock with a thick toe and heel section. Available from May onwards.

Fabric is very comfortable. Celliant technology performance is hard to measure. Light compression. General sizes available.

Hit: Fabric is very comfortable.

Knock: Celliant technology performance is hard to measure. Light compression. General sizes available.

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