Monday 20 November 2017

FIT KIT: Baby Jogger

Baby JoggerBaby Jogger Summit X3

Asher Senyk


I would consider my home to be an active household. Both my wife and I run regularly. With the arrival of junior, we investigated ways to include our little guy into the exercise routine and found an excellent range of 'jogging' buggies on the market. I use the word 'jogging' as the safety instructions clearly stipulate that the buggies are not to be used for 'running'.

New to the Irish market is the Summit X3 from Baby Jogger. At this price point, it's a premium buggy well worth the investment as you learn very quickly its generations of development make it one of the most enjoyable and easiest jogging buggies on the market.

Having used a very average buggy initially, we discovered the Summit X3 had some excellent design features: good handlebar height, hand-controlled drum brakes, plush suspension, adjustable seating position and five-point harness, stability, 'moonroof' sun canopy and 'quick fold' system which collapses the buggy in less than three seconds.

The oversized rear wheels are specifically good for jogging at speed and glide over rough terrain. The full suspension frame turns cobblestone streets into a red-carpet ride.

The front 12in wheel features a switch which allows you to choose between lock or swivel position. Of course, in locked mode, you simply 'point and shoot' the buggy in the right direction and jog.

Around the shopping centre, it manoeuvers very well. Tight spots and narrow paths are no major problem. It fits nicely into the boot of our small car in the folded position.

It is without a doubt a best-buy product for the arrival of a new child in the household.

Perhaps the only areas where it could be improved are weight – it's fairly heavy; the drum brakes are spongy; and the tyres are fairly low pressure and don't run straight.

For the Irish terrain, I would suggest the inclusion of mud-guards to stop the buggy getting dirty from road grime. I could also use a few extra pockets (like a mobile phone and key pocket).

On a safety note, there is no reflectivity on any part of the buggy, nor any decent places to mount a front light. I used a bicycle light on the rear section of the frame. Of course, these things can be fabricated at home.

Additional extras: Foot muff sleeping bag, hand strap, bicycle tail light, reflective adhesive tape, new higher pressure tyres.

Pros: Suspension, handlebar position, 'moonroof' cover and 'lie flat' adjustable seat.

CONS: Weight, tyres and there's no reflective safety taping integrated in the design.

Verdict: Mobility for the family like never before!

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