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Thursday 19 April 2018

Fit Fashion: Fitness willpower

Fitness Willpower

Corina Gafney

Want to actually stick to your New Year's resolution? With these fitness bits you'll be motivated before we say it's time to get fit. . .


TempoRun (available from the App Store, €2.69)

By tracking the beat of your foot hitting the pavement, TempoRun provides music to match your speed. Simply download the app, plug in some profile information and then select the level you'd like to run from 1-10. TempoRun scans your playlist to find music to match your pace. It also tracks distances, times and calories burned.


The Pure NightCat jacket from Puma will give you motivation on your evening or early morning run. Laser-cut holes in the back of the jacket improve air circulation at critical heat zones and keep things light. The anatomically shaped collar reduces friction and distraction at the hairline. Made with visiCell highly-reflective material, this jacket is also designed to keep you seen in dim light situations.

NightCat jacket, €72, is available from Amphibian King.


The HotTop 2.0 uses signature heating fabric technology to target your stomach and hips for a boost in calorie burn. €59 available from


If you need a little more motivation to get you moving, put your fitness mantra on your gym tote and repeat. . .

€20.08 available from

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