Thursday 23 November 2017

Ever wanted to take part in the Istanbul marathon

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People crossing the Bosphorus Bridge from Asia to Europe during Istanbul Eurasia Marathon Fun Run last year.
People crossing the Bosphorus Bridge from Asia to Europe during Istanbul Eurasia Marathon Fun Run last year.
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Officially named the Vodafone Istanbul Marathon, this course is the only race in the world to be held across two continents, Asia and Europe.

There are three main categories for men and women; marathon, 15k and public run, as well as a special category for disabled persons and also an 8k fun run, which may appeal to those who are more in it for the holiday.

Established 36 years ago, this event took place on a Sunday in October every year until 2012 when the decision was made to transfer it to November.

With the weather predicted to be around 12-13C at the start and 16-17C at the finish, conditions could not be more ideal for a competitive run.


About 4,000.


The run itself will be held on Sunday, November 16, but it's worth attending the events organised around the marathon.

The course is asphalt and flat. Beginning on the Asian side, it offers breathtaking views of the Bosphorus and of Istanbul.

Following safety issues two years ago, regarding the stability of the bridge, a decision was made to have several start times separated by 10-minute intervals.

Groups are not allowed to run across the bridge, offering an ideal time for competitors to drink in the surroundings of an ancient civilization, ranked third in Europe's 2013 Global Destination Cities Index.

Watch Out For

Historic sights such as the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia and the Ynönü Stadium.

How to get there/ where to stay

Fortunately, the race is set during an off-peak period, although forward planning is advised as hotels close to the course may book up quickly.

It would be well worth researching packages on offer.

Once there, free transport is available from various collection points in the city that will take you right up to the finishing line, which leaves you with more time to get into the right mindset/lament the level of your indulgence during the pasta party.

More information The following site offers comprehensive and helpful reviews of accommodation:


Revelling in the fact you are among a select few to take part in an intercontinental marathon.


 The potential expense of travel and accommodation.

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