Wednesday 17 January 2018

Ever wanted to: Run the Lapland Ultra-Marathon

run the Lapland Ultra marathon, Sweden

The Lapland ultra-marathon takes place in Adat, Sweden.
The Lapland ultra-marathon takes place in Adat, Sweden.

This unique part of Sweden, just shy of the Arctic Circle, is host to a 100k ultra marathon, a regular marathon and a series of events in the community of Adak.

The event date, June 27, coincides with the longest day of the year, so you're assured almost 24 hours of daylight, another great reason to experience this part of the world.

Arriving in Adak, you are greeted with an incredible silence and beautiful landscape in the relaxed atmosphere of the community.

The local community hall is race central, where a BBQ and registration takes place. They have hot showers, camping facilities and general activities for everyone, including the family.

Starting the race at 10pm at night may seem a little quirky but it really lets you enjoy the midnight sun when you cover the 100k course.

Along the way you will be greeted by the native reindeer that wander the countryside and a host of other wildlife that will keep you intrigued.

While this run feels remote, you are never far from hospitality with regular food/water stations dotted every 3-5k along the route.

The best part is meeting the colourful characters at the food stations, some of whom had never met people from Ireland before.

The course is a mixture of tarmac and gravel trail. There are incredible scenic vistas, jaw-dropping sunsets that never end and incredible silence.

How to get there

Getting to Adak is done flying with to Arvidsjaur from Stockholm.

The race organisers provide transfers from the airport to Adak.

Altern-atively, you can book a rental car and drive from other nearby cities such as Skelleftea.

Where to stay

Accommodation is basic in Adak and it is best to contact the organisers prior to travelling to arrange something.


Entry is great value at €35 for early entry and up to €60 for a late entry (depending on the exchange rate).


Highs: The people, nature and endless sunset as you run overnight. First place in the run wins a native reindeer gifted by the indigenous Sami people of the region.

Lows: The mosquitoes.


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