Monday 18 December 2017

Ever wanted to go on a fitness staycation at Dunloe?

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The beautiful Dunloe
The beautiful Dunloe
Charity Miles app

This fitness and adventure weekend supplies attendees with the materials and information to build their own fitness programmes using the outdoors as their centre of operation – an appealing notion to those who aren't gym fans.

Michael Lindsay – a veteran of the Irish and British fitness industries with more than 10 years' experience – will mastermind a plan that will be suitable for you to carry out at home incorporating both exercise regimes and nutrition programmes.

Dunloe is located in the perfect setting to teach fitness enthusiasts about making the most of their surroundings and environment at home in their fitness plans. The fresh air and changing beauty of the scenery around you will act as a constant motivator. Allow this weekend to mark the beginning of a new and healthier you.

A two-night option involves staying Friday and Saturday nights, while the one-night choice involves staying only on Saturday. Two nights will set you back €239 per person sharing, while one night costs €145.

For the longer break, you must arrive before 6.30pm; Michael then takes everyone for individual fitness and nutrition consultations. There will be an outdoor fitness class at 7.30pm and a healthy supper is served at 8.30pm.

There is a buffet breakfast at 8am the following morning for the two-night contingent, while the one-nighters must arrive on site in time to join up with the group for the 9.30am session on Saturday, May 10.

The first session, from 9.30-11.30am, covers cardio, muscular endurance, strength and flexibility, using the purpose-built fitness trail in the hotel grounds. Lunch is at 12.30pm, while the second day's session takes place at 2pm. It involves exploring the breathtaking local scenery and landscape, with a choice between hillwalking or kayaking with experienced tour guides.

Dinner is served at 7pm. The final session takes place at 9-9.45pm in the gardens of Dunloe, where a Pilates session is held.

On Sunday, May 11, there is an outdoor session at 7am on the fitness trail. At 9.30am, a farewell breakfast is held, followed by a Q&A session and group discussion. Michael will once again meet with every individual to discuss a plan to match their needs and abilities.

There is full access to the hotel's facilities, including 25-metre pool, steam-room, sauna, gym and relaxation rooms. Horse riding, indoor-tennis and fishing are also complimentary.

How to get there

Dunloe is close to Killarney, Co Kerry. It is 15 miles from Kerry airport, 61 miles from Cork airport and 200 miles from Dublin. It sits just five miles outside Killarney town.


Tel: + 353 64 6644111

E-mail: reservations


Learning how to maximise your surroundings and adjust your diet to meet your fitness goals, held in a picturesque hotel in Kerry.


Only a weekend!

App of the Week: Charity Miles

If vanity or your health aren't motivation enough for you to go out and exercise, why not do it for somebody else's benefit?

Charity Miles just keeps on giving as it allows users to donate money to participating charities based on their amount of physical activity. If you think that you feel good after exercising, imagine how good you will feel knowing that your workout has raised funds for charity?

The app awards 10c per mile to bike users and 25c to runners and walkers. It's a basic distance monitor which makes use of your phone's GPS to measure distance travelled. You don't necessarily have to strictly use it for planned exercise either. You can turn it on if running for a bus or taking the dog for a walk.

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