Thursday 22 August 2019

Eating red meat can be 'deadly' claim US scientists

John von Radowitz

RED meat is not only unhealthy but can be positively lethal, according to new research.

Regularly eating red meat -- especially the processed variety -- dramatically increases the risk of death from heart disease and cancer, a major study has shown.

Each additional daily serving of processed red meat, equivalent to one hot dog or two rashers of bacon, raised the chances of dying by a fifth.

Conversely, replacing red meat with fish, poultry, or plant-based protein foods contributed to a longer life.

Data from 121,342 men and women taking part in two large US health and lifestyle investigations were analysed to produce the findings, published in the journal 'Archives of Internal Medicine'.

The studies monitored the progress of their participants for more than 20 years and gathered information about diet.

In total, scientists documented 23,926 deaths including 5,910 from heart disease and 9,364 from cancer.


A striking association was seen between consumption of red meat and premature death.

Each daily serving of unprocessed red meat, equivalent to a helping of beef, lamb or pork about the size of a deck of cards, raised the risk of death by 13pc, while processed meat increased it by 20pc.

Eating red meat increased the chances of heart disease by 16pc and cancer by 10pc. Processed red meat raised the risk of heart disease and cancer by 21pc and 16pc respectively.

Replacing one serving of red meat with an equivalent serving of fish reduced mortality risk by 7pc. For poultry an even bigger risk reduction of 14pc was seen. Legumes and low-fat dairy products lowered the risk by 10pc, wholegrains by 14pc and nuts by 19pc.

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