Wednesday 21 February 2018

Cathy cracks her weight problem and loses two stone - by quitting eggs

Allison Bray

Allison Bray

A mother has credited a simple blood test with helping her to lose more than two stone.

Cathy Maguire (37), from Ballyfermot, Dublin, said that she had struggled with her weight, which went up and down, since having her two children, Shane (17) and Craig (10).

At one point the 5ft 3in addictions counsellor ballooned to 10st 7lbs and became depressed and unwilling to go out socially.

She was also constantly tired and had no energy to exercise or even clean the house, she told the Herald.

Cathy tried various diets and attempted to eat healthily but saw little in the way of results until she decided to have a blood test last March to determine if she had any intolerances to foods.

It revealed that she had an intolerance to eggs and peas.

Cathy after she loses two stone and (inset) Cathy before she lost weight
Cathy after she loses two stone and (inset) Cathy before she lost weight

While the medical jury is out on whether a reaction to certain foods can lead to fatigue and bloating, Cathy is convinced it was this intolerance that left her constantly tired.

"Eggs were a huge part of my diet -- I'd have scrambled eggs a few times a week or have ham and egg salad for lunch," she said.

When she cut them out, she noticed within a month that she had a lot more energy.

She then began exercising and joined a gym, which she now attends three times a week.

Her weight dropped due to her new exercise regime and she is now happy and healthy weighing in at eight stone.

"My outlook on life has totally changed," she said.

"I look years younger and I feel so much better."

Cathy used Yorktest Ireland for the pin-prick blood analysis.

(The Herald)

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