Wednesday 13 December 2017

Buzz: Fitionary


Dryathlon noun, Cancer Research UK's ingenious fundraiser where people sign up to stay off alcohol for the month of January. Organisers say participants will save money, have a clearer head and a fitter body

Golden Ticket noun, if you have to drink at an event, Dryathletes should purchase one of these for €20 to allow them an evening off the wagon

Honour (lap of) noun, the victory drink Dryathletes consume after midnight on January 31

Lent noun, existing pre-Easter event during which many people abstain from alcohol

Money noun, what Dryathletes save by not drinking, and what they'll make by raising funds from their sponsors

Tipple tax noun, slightly more expensive than a Golden Ticket, Dryathletes should pay a €25 tax if they have had a weak moment

Irish Independent

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