Thursday 14 December 2017

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Garmin Forerunner 620

Asher Zenyk

GPS evolution has truly come to fruition in the new Forerunner 620. Garmin has placed a greater emphasis on the things that matter to runners, like longer battery life, quicker satellite uplink and general usability.

While retaining the 'touch screen' functionality, there are some nice treats, like colour screen, replaceable wrist strap and decent sized buttons that are easy to press with gloves on.

On a tech level, it offers the core things of speed, pace and distance with the choice of heart rate. But some new editions include running oscillation (movement), cadence/stride sensors and a multitude of coaching software options.

Pros: Cutting-edge technology and functions.

Cons: Touch screen might not appeal to everybody.

Verdict: An exceptional GPS sports watch with an impressive range of tricks.



I usually run in an area that is susceptible to frost and a little bit of snow during these colder months. It is unsafe wearing my standard trainers on the trails when it gets icy and that's when a pair of Yaktrax comes in handy.

The elasticated bands pull over the soles of your shoes like a net, but provide great traction from the aluminium coils underfoot. They are fairly simple to pull on or take off any standard running shoe or hiking boot.

Pros: Easy to take on and off.

Cons: You'll need to plan your course for off-road unless the ground is totally covered in snow.

Verdict: While it's not needed very often, these can be very handy if the weather turns or you just want good grips.

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