Thursday 23 May 2019

Body clock: Aoileann Garavaglia

Nancy Previs

Food writer Aoileann is clued up on the importance of a balanced diet and eating at regular intervals


My little daughter Míla wakes me. I give her a bowl of porridge while I have a cafe au lait along with a slice of toasted homemade brown soda bread.


Míla and I dress, then we drive the short distance to her creche. When I was living in the city I used to walk everywhere, but I find walking on country roads too difficult with a toddler.


I return home where I shower and change before preparing myself a bowl of porridge with soya milk and a vanilla pod. I bring the porridge and a second cup of coffee with me into my office.


My work in the office varies; some days I will concentrate on my writing and on others, administrative tasks for the stud farm. This morning, I focus on the farm, doing paperwork for the horses.


It's a busy time of year on the farm and because I am here today, I make butternut squash and sweet potato curried soup, as well as a green salad with feta cheese and tomatoes.


After tidying up and doing the laundry I sit and have a bowl of soup and some salad with Francois and the others who are working on the farm. With lunch, I drink a glass of water.


I begin the research for my own writing, looking through magazines and books as I start to create a menu for this week's Cheat's Cuisine column. I always use seasonal ingredients but my trip to see what's available in the shop will have to wait until tomorrow, because I have to collect Míla from the creche soon.


Mila and I get home and we each have an apple. She plays in the garden and later we go over to see Francois so Míla can help feed the horses in the stables. I always take Míla outdoors in the afternoon and I will also take her swimming twice each week.


Time to heat the vegetables I prepared for Míla at lunch and also cook her a homemade fish ball. She eats at 7pm, then Francois takes her while I prepare our dinner.


We sit down to eat baked sea bass fillets on a bed of ratatouille, with cous cous. We drink white wine and, for dessert, I serve my apple crumble with cream. Then I have a bath, watch some telly and I'm in bed by 10pm.

Aoileann Garavaglia's new book, Cheat's Cuisine, which is based on her weekly column in Independent Weekend, is published by Currach Press

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