Sunday 22 April 2018

Back to square one. . . but now you're fitter

Fitness test week 6
Fitness test week 6

Siobhan Byrne

This is the final week of our fitness challenge. Hopefully you have kept on track, and remember if you let it slip, just get back on track and resume training. Each week you'll have seen a slight improvement in your fitness. You should feel like you have more energy and feel more focused on eating a healthier diet.

Remember this is just the start. These workouts are effective and can be used anywhere, so there are no excuses. This week, you should complete your first week's circuit of squat, mountain climber and burpee for 20 reps per exercise, resting and then completing the sets three more times.

If you have been consistent in completing each week's circuit, you'll now find you will complete the first week's circuit quicker, being less out of breath and need less time to rest in between sets. Time yourself to see by how much.


Starting on your fitness journey can be the most difficult part of getting fit, but once you are on track it is important to develop on your fitness as you get stronger.

Strength training routines are a great way to start as you can easily develop them and put them into a circuit-style routine, which will help your cardio as well as your strength fitness.

But adding extra cardio into that routine can bring you to another level. Set yourself easy challenges that you may enjoy or that you can involve friends or family, such as the FIT City Series 5 or 10k on March 9. This will give you an incentive to keep up your fitness and to challenge yourself with half-marathons, triathlons and so on. Enter at now!

6-Week Fitness Test for New Year: week 6 Squat

1/ Stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart, and your hands clenched at chest level with elbows bent.

2/ Lower your body towards the floor, sending your hips back and down and bending your knees. Push through your heels to return to start position, keeping your back flat throughout.


1/ Start with your feet on the floor and two hands on the ground. Make sure your back is flat with your core engaged.

2/ Slowly bring one knee up to the chest then return back to start position and repeat with opposite leg. This is one rep.


1/ Start in a press-up position.

2/ Jump your knees into chest while keeping your hands on the floor.

3/ From standing position jump up with your hands in the air and then return down and jump your feet back out to start position.

Do these exercises in a circuit-style routine, completing each exercise for twenty reps. Once the set is complete, rest for one minute before repeating the rounds three more times.

To catch up on all six weeks of the plan, go to

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