Sunday 22 April 2018

'As a personal trainer, I'm a role model for my clients'

Chrissie Russell

Amanda Kelly (26) is a personal trainer at Body Byrne Fitness, Dublin. She has been involved in sport since the age of nine, when she competed in gymnastics nationally and internationally. She says:

'I was always interested in health and fitness, but at the age of 16 I got a knee injury and couldn't compete in gymnastics any more. I was eating the same amount of food but not doing the same volume of training and started to gain a little weight.

"That's when I joined my first gym and I've never looked back! I loved how the gym and resistance training could sculpt your body, and I decided to make a career of it, studying sports science and health in DCU, followed by a master's in strength and conditioning in Edinburgh.

"As a personal trainer, I'm a role model for my clients so it's vitally important for me to stay in shape.

"I never have fizzy drinks because of their high sugar content and if I want a treat I avoid processed foods and make something like protein brownies.

"I do some form of exercise six days a week: three days of resistance training, one day of gymnastics (I still like to keep some of the skills I had when I was competing!), interval training on a bike on Thursdays for cardio and a 7-10km run on Saturday with a total rest on Sunday.

"I always believe there's something I can improve on. For example, after Christmas I'm feeling a little softer around my abs because I allowed myself more carbs and sugar than I normally would.

"By reducing my carb and sugar intake and eating more protein and healthy fats and getting back into my normal routine, I'm getting my flat stomach back.

"The most important thing is to have a structure in place. I plan my food the day before and have my workouts in my diary – if you're not organised, the chances are it won't happen."

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