Wednesday 22 November 2017

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Human is an app that stands out among a sea of overly quantitative and sometimes repetitive fitness apps. It takes a far less rigid approach to a healthier lifestyle than most of its competitors, and may appeal to those of you who do not wish to take an entirely scientific approach to getting into shape. Whether you walk, jog, sprint or dance, this app will take note of your fitness activity.

With this app in tow, all that you have to worry about is staying active. The app will measure your daily activity in minutes rather than calories. Human demands at least 30 minutes of exercise per day, and if you are coming up slightly short it will nudge you to engage in some sort of activity.

In this way, the app keeps on top of you and pushes you without being overly forceful. You can also input relevant information, for example if you have worked out in the gym for 30 minutes on a given day.

For those of you who want to avoid the head-melting and often confusing numbers game that seems to accompany any fitness regime these days, this app might be worth looking into. It is solely concerned with your level of activity, and if you maintain an active lifestyle over an extended period of time desirable fitness results are sure to follow!

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