Wednesday 21 March 2018

Amanda's top tips

1) A weight off your mind

Strength training should be at the core of any fat-loss programme. It boosts metabolism up to 10pc after a training session.

The result is lean muscle, which in turns means a firm and toned body

2) Have breakfast

Research shows eating breakfast helps weight loss, because breakfast increases your metabolism after an overnight fast.

So in 2014, get into the habit of eating protein, fiber and fruit (even veggies!) in the morning.

3) Eat more often

Become a fat burner not a fat storer! Eating five or six small meals a day to boost your metabolism and help control cholesterol. Try and split your food up into smaller meals that can be eaten over the course of the day.

4) Interval cardio training

Interval training will fire up your metabolism much more than just regular cardio.

So rather than completing a slow and steady jog over the course of 45 minutes, use a variety of quick sprints, slower running and hill work in the same time slot.

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