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Sunday 17 December 2017

'All my family have switched to e-cigs'

Peter and Myriam Prendergast. Photo by Fergal Shanahan
Peter and Myriam Prendergast. Photo by Fergal Shanahan

Chrissie Russell

Mum-of-two Myriam Prendergast (49) from Tipperary town was one of a family of smokers before she discovered vaping. Now they've all converted to e-cigarettes, she explains.

"I bought an electronic cigarette for my mum to try two years ago. She's 70 and had been a smoker all her life but since trying vaping, she's been off them.

"My dad switched to e-cigarettes too; so did my husband and my daughter – it was listening to all them sing their praises that persuaded me to give them a go.

"I haven't smoked a cigarette now in four months and when I went to the doctor to get my carbon monoxide levels checked, they'd gone down drastically.

"Instead of smoking a cigarette that has 4,000 chemicals in it, I'm inhaling a vapour that has three flavours and nicotine – and although I started off on 24mg of nicotine I'm now down to 16mg.

"I like how I still get the sensation of smoking a cigarette. I can have one with my morning coffee or after a meal and I'm not pulling my hair out wanting a smoke."

IT consultant Hugh McCormick (53) from Ballycastle, Co Antrim, has saved €2,500 since switching from smoking to vaping last October.

He says: "My main reason for making the switch was down to health concerns. I'd been smoking for almost 40 years and I felt like I was playing Russian Roulette with my health.

"But saving money has been a nice bonus; instead of spending €140 a week on cigarettes I'm spending about €10 on juice.

"I found ezSmoke online and deliberately chose an e-juice close in flavour to the brand of cigarette I smoked.

"For the first time I'm convinced I'll never touch a tobacco product again.

"Hopefully in time I'll let go off nicotine completely – I've already reduced the level – but I'm not too worried if I don't stop vaping."

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