Monday 19 March 2018

Grey's had his day, here come the babies

2012 will be remembered as the year when S&M poked its head out of the (sex) dungeon.

Well, in 2013 it's going to be firmly forced back in (which it will probably like).

There is no place for whips, chains and leather in the coming year, because it's going to be all about babies – lovely, sweet, cuddly, little babies.

Put your studded collars in storage and stock up on Cath Kidston and Boden, as 2013 will belong to the Yummy Mummy.

Of course not just any old Yummy Mummy but a Princess one.

Oh yes, from here on in, it's going to be all about Kate and the royal embryo.

Forget your Mulberry bag fashionistas, the coming year will be rocking a bump in spring and a cute little bundle of baby will be the must-have accessory for the summer.

Watch as a crowd of Z Listers scramble to get themselves knocked up in time to share the nation's obsession with all things natal, and grab a spot on morning TV talking about how much they have in common with Kate. (Those that can't get pregnant in time will probably stick a pillow up their jumpers.)

There will be endless speculation about names, star signs, nursery furniture, what the baby will wear ...

Even those of us who like babies know that the coming year will be more painful than a visit to Mr Grey's red room of pain.

On the upside, we might hear a little less about Suri Cruise.

Anne Marie Scanlon

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