Sunday 21 January 2018

Glam on full beam as Amy launches her new novel

Brian O'Driscoll and Amy Huberman at the launch of I Wished For You
Brian O'Driscoll and Amy Huberman at the launch of I Wished For You

Old school Cork glamour came to town on Wednesday night. Nora Sheahan from Whitechurch sported a mink coat for the launch of Amy Huberman's book I Wished For You at the Damson Diner on South William Street. "I'm not quite ready for my free travel pass," said stormin' Nora who was with her daughter, Norma, one of the stars of Sky TV's Moone Boy and one of La Huberman's best friends.

She added that Amy is doing a book signing today -- at Mahon Point Shopping Centre, Cork from 3pm and that she would be "rounding up all the troops". Doubtless Mahon Point will be over-run with the most glamorous mink-clad Cork matrons imaginable.

But back to the Damson Diner where Amy thanked husband Brian O'Driscoll -- present with his leg in a cast -- for his support while she wrote the book. Brian's pal, that other rugby legend Gordon D'Arcy, was there with his model wife, the beautiful Aoife Cogan. Other notables in the beauty department included actress -- and another Amy VBF -- Rachel Pilkington. It was a great night. Some revellers went on to Fade Street 'til the wee hours. Others had to keep their energy for Mahon Point peut-etre.

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