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Ghost of Jade strikes

Like some rancid, decomposing ghoul stalking the lower corridors of celebrity while rattling her chains of stupidity Jade Goody's mother, Jackiey Budden, just won't go away.

But there's a reason for this you see -- her dead daughter is apparently telling her to do her best to stay in the public eye.

And so, having decided to renounce a lifetime of lesbianism and return to the life of a straight woman because she wants "to have a baby girl in Jade's honour" (that's one for a team of therapists to try and decipher) she now says that Jade talks to her through the medium of, um, a medium.

According to the one-armed lunatic, Jade came to her during a séance and said: "Sorry, mum, for not listening to you." Jackiey added: "I could smell Jade like she was standing there next to me -- the feeling was incredible."

Well, when you consider that she's been dead for four months now, she would be getting a little pungent.

But there is hope on the horizon for Jackiey. According to her, the psychic has instructed her to produce a musical based on Jade's life and says that Jade really, really, like really wants her to write her autobiography. Which is nice.

And Jade has one more prediction -- Jackiey is going to be on Oprah Winfrey "within the next 12 months".

Well, sources close to Harpo Productions have confirmed to ISpy that they are indeed planning a show that could fit her in within the next year.

It's called: "My life as a parasite parent who is making money from my daughter's death."

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