Thursday 14 December 2017

From Paddys everywhere: Thanks a bunch, Colin

Colin Farrell has done much to enhance the reputation of Irish men. Much like Peter O'Toole, Richard Harris and Pierce Brosnan before him, his talent and looks have helped to dispel notions that Irishmen are pasty, freckly and largely unattractive.

But then, like O'Toole and Harris, Farrell's drunken past has done little to dissuade another widely held, and largely correct, notion about Irish men.

Unfortunately, Farrell did Irishmen further disservice last week after admitting that he finds it difficult to talk to women. There are very few positive stereotypes attributed to Irish men, and one of them is, or rather was, that Irish men have the conversational wit to charm the knickers off a nun. With Farrell's admission, it's possible that women, particularly foreign women, may be less enthused by us than they once were, and with most foreign men being better versed, better dressed, and generally, better looking, we may find our prospects restricted in the future.

Of course, we should have seen it coming. In Martin McDonagh's In Bruges, Farrell's Irish character Ray struggles for words at times, resorting to jokes about dwarfism and child abuse to spark conversation.

Chris Jackson

Irish Independent

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