Monday 20 November 2017

Food snobs – eat your own words

Food snobs despise TV dinners almost as much as they adore TV chefs. Ready meals are viewed with lip-curling contempt by the fanatical foodies who will happily spend hours 'sourcing' the fresh ingredients required for a celebrity recipe. As usual, however, the gourmets are pigging out on porky pies.

New research reveals that ready meals are healthier than many varieties of home-cooked food. Public health experts at Newcastle University compared the nutritional value of microwavable dishes with the recipes advocated in bestselling cookbooks by celebrity chefs.

The researchers found that neither category met international guidelines for a balanced diet. But, when it comes to saturated fat, fibre content and calories, the cookbook concoctions are the worst option.

Junk food is bad for you but it's infinitely less harmful than junk science. Much of the philosophy behind the mania for so-called healthy eating and fine dining is entirely bogus, a fig-leaf salad accompanying a gluttonous portion of pretension and snobbery.

Foodie diets are unpalatable for multiple reasons but the biggest downside is the quantity of baloney that must be swallowed whole.

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