Monday 22 January 2018

Five Ways: To make your work life better

Doing three things at once isn’t a skill.
Doing three things at once isn’t a skill.
Dressing up, rather than down
Don’t keep examining how stressed you are
Tips from Terry Prone, Chair of The Communications Clinic.
Terry Prone

Terry Prone

It's early February and let's face it, many of those New Year's resolutions have fallen by the wayside. Sometimes we give ourselves challenges that are just too impractical to introduce to our busy lives.

But in reality we only need to make small changes to make a difference to our lives. 

So everyday this week, we are asking experts in the fields of work, family, fitness, health and skin to share with us five simple things we can do in our lives to help improve the quality of our lives.

Today, Communications Expert Terry Prone tells us how we can make our work life work for us and be a better place. 


1. Don’t let your ambition get bigger than its owner

It’s OK to have goals and be driven. It’s not OK to leave trackmarks on other people’s faces from driving that ambition over them. It takes more than competence and anxiety to succeed to get to the top. Being fun to work with helps.


2. Keep mindfulness at home

Mindfulness, holistic massage, meditation and all that good stuff is for you to do if that’s what you fancy in your spare time. At work, work.


3. Dress for it

Even if you don’t have to, dress as if you were meeting an important client that day. Dressing up, rather than down, makes people – including you - take you seriously.

4. Don’t multi-task

Doing three things at once isn’t a skill. It’s an idiocy. None of the three gets done properly and multi-tasking rots your brain. Teach yourself to prioritise and to concentrate.



5. Quit taking your own temperature

Meaning? Don’t keep examining how stressed/overworked/underappreciated you are.

Look around you and find someone in your workplace whose life you can improve and go improve it. It’s just amazing how much better you will feel about yourself when you stop regarding yourself.



Terry Prone, Chair of The Communications Clinic, is Ireland’s top business coach. Her latest book, Coach¸ has just been published.

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