Wednesday 24 July 2019

Five benefits to the clock going forward

So we may be losing an hour in bed this weekend, but it does give rise to reasons to be cheerful...

1. It promotes more activity in the evening  - good for general fitness, and good for businesses.

2. It's good for the environment, people are using electricity less with longer daylight hours.

3. Expect the traffic not to be as bad on Monday, clocks going forward have been linked to some surprising effects on traffic safety

4. People generally feel happier, more energetic and have lower sickness rates in the brighter days after clocks change

5. Sex drive increases, carb cravings lower and SAD disorder improves once people feel the effects of spring and the longer daylight hours.  

Remember to put your clock FORWARD this weekend, but if you have a Smartphone, it is done for you. 

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