Monday 23 October 2017

'Fast-lane' Eddie picks up cool $7m in Florida property sale

Memo to Edna Kenny: give Eddie Irvine a job immediately, with a brief to come up with bright ideas to resurrect the property market. He seems to be the only Irish person selling property, even though he plainly doesn't need to.

The Formula 1 legend and multimillionaire has just sold one of his pads in Florida – a five-bedroom, five-bathroom pile on the Venetian Islands in Miami Beach for a figure close to $7m. My Deep Throat in south Florida real estate (yes my DTs are everywhere) told me Eddie bought the mansion – designed by architect Luis Bosch – in June 2010 for $1.95m and that he sold it to an undisclosed local developer. If the news of the already mega-wealthy Irvine getting richer by the hour doesn't cheer you up, then perhaps the tale of just who he rang in the New Year with on his private island in the Bahamas will?

Fast Eddie spent a few days with his friend – and Rod Stewart's ex-wife – Rachel Hunter at his home on the beach in Exuma. And before that, the Norn Ireland Eros had Lady Victoria Hervey and German supermodel Katja Hilgendorff come to stay.

As was once famously asked of another celebrated Northern Irish ladies' legend – where did it all go so wrong Eddie?

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