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Emma: I sent my ex, Colin Farrell, my memoir. . .

The former girlfriend of Colin Farrell has revealed how she offered the Irish actor the chance to vet her memoir and how he graciously declined.

In 2008 New York-based novelist Emma Forrest found herself inside a whirlwind when she began a relationship with the Castleknock star.

Their romance was only to last a year but it remains a cherished memory for the 33-year-old English writer whose acclaimed memoir Your Voice In My Head is published this month.

Asked what it's like having Hollywoood's leading man at your side, Emma told The Diary this week: "Dating Col is wonderful, so long as you don't leave the house.

"Art galleries you can just about get away with, safe because everyone's looking at the walls. Then it's like the song Paul Simon wrote about Carrie Fisher: 'Someone could walk into this room and say your life is on fire! It's all over the evening news, all about the fire in your life on the evening news'."

Despite this, the pair got on so well that at one stage it was rumoured Colin would convert to Judaism after he turned up at a Hollywood party wearing a Star Of David pendant.

But it wasn't to last.

"Everyone's best quality is also their worst quality and the fact that I've a skin too thin makes me a good writer, but is not useful when dating a movie star. I couldn't hide how much the tabloid chatter got to me. I definitely failed him there," she told me.

However, the former lovers were back in contact lately when Emma asked Colin if he wanted to read her memoir before it was published.

"He (Colin) thought about it for a bit, then sent an absolutely beautiful letter saying he didn't need to. It was such a thoughtful letter that confirmed all the good I'd seen in him. He has a copy if he ever changes his mind," she told me this week.

However, neither Colin nor anyone else is named in Emma's book, which she describes as a "love letter to the psychiatrist who saved my life after I turned up in his office following a youthful suicide attempt".

However, 'Col' could well turn up in the movie of Your Voice In My Head, whose screen rights have just been bought by Jane Eyre producer Alison Owen.

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Asked if she would agree to Colin Farrell playing any of the characters in her memoir, Emma said: "I'd put him in any movie -- he's brilliant (or he wouldn't be so f*cking complicated!)"

After splitting with Emma, Colin began a two-year romance with Polish actress Alicja Bachleda-Curus who he met on the set of Neil Jordan film Ondine and with whom he had a son Henry.

The couple parted last October.

Emma Forrest -- Your Voice In My Head is published by Bloomsbury.

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