Saturday 24 March 2018

10 tips for children and parents caught up in cyber-bullying

10 tips for parents

1. Take a photo of message

2. Tell an adult

3. Delete message

4. Do not react to message

5. Record dates and times of all interactions

6. Set up a plan as a family, as a team

7. Speak to the bully or bullies’ parents 8. Contact gardai or police

9. Seek medical advice if required

10. Stay off the website where getting bullied

10 tips for parents

1. Research has suggested not to ban children off sites but to educate

2. Learn what software is available to install & protect the children

3. Agree on acceptable times to use the internet

4. Inform what is right and wrong online

5. Use case studies to illustrate dangers online

6. Converse with child on what their activities online are

7. Join the same network as the child and learn what they can do

8. Develop clear rules and consequences

9. Have the child understand what cyber-bullying consists of

10. Learn more about social media and children’s etiquette online

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