Saturday 18 November 2017

Young scientist explains video game her team created 'for the blind'

By Aishling Phelan

A VIDEO game for the blind has been created by a clever science student who cares about the visually impaired.

"Basically we made a video game that was done through sound," said Caoimhe Kelly (15).

‘‘It’s the layout of our school and when a new student that is visually impaired comes to our school we could give this to them before they come to the school,’’ she added.

The student from Moate Community College in Westmeath designed the game, alongside team mate Thomas Maguire, so a blind pupil in the school could figure out the basic layout and the design of the school.

‘‘When they come in through the entrance when they’re playing the game, they use the arrow keys to move and when you’ve come to a certain room it will come up that you’ve reached the science room,’’ she explained.

The unusual game can help blind students to locate where the various room are in their school and make their transition into secondary school much easier.

‘‘They would have a general idea of the outline of our school before they come in,’’ the student added.

‘‘You don’t need a visual aid to actually play the game, you listen to it and it will tell you which room you’re after reaching,’’ she said.

Caoimhe Kelly (16). Moate Community College, Westmeath
Caoimhe Kelly (16). Moate Community College, Westmeath

The game displays a green background with the map of the school and the various locations of each classroom.

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