Friday 23 March 2018

Doody and her man in first bloom of love

Happy days ahead for the country's most beautiful blonde. Alison Doody, for it is she, looks like making 2013 her year. And fair play to her.

Alison, who was formed in the same stunning mould as Grace Kelly, is in the early days of a relationship with internationally respected business man Tadgh Geary. They were introduced by a mutual friend.

The glamorous new couple, who are in the first bloom of love, had dinner in Robbie Fox's Bellucci restaurant in Ballsbridge two weeks ago. They were joined by their VBFs, Deirdre Kelly and husband, car guru Tom Murphy, and beef baron Gerry Purcell and wife Aisling Gleeson. The delicious Ms Doody appears to be taking things slowly but she seems very happy. As for Tadgh? The dashing 45-year-old meat maven must be the luckiest man in Ireland – well, Alison was the sexiest Bond girl ever.

Indeed as the Evening Standard put it, Spielberg and the Broccolis "loved her erotic froideur".

Love in a cold climate or what?

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