Wednesday 17 October 2018

Dail odd couple could turn into a TV hit

Pat Fitzpatrick

AT one level you can see what Gerry Adams is up to. The more he gets mentioned in the same breath as Enda Kenny, the more he is seen by some as the natural leader of the opposition. He recently told Enda he was an eejit for messing around with Sarkozy. Then last week in the Dail he wished the Taoiseach a happy Valentine's Day. That kind of bombed, so he went for broke and told Enda he loved him. Headlines all round about the latest instalment in the Enda and Gerry show. Job done.

But Gerry might even have broader ambitions. Because it also emerged that we will soon be paying for a dedicated Oireachtas TV channel. Talk about a cruel and unusual punishment.

This will be the least popular TV channel of all time. It will have fewer viewers in Ireland than an unpronounceable show on S4C called something like Llwllany. Any doubt about this was removed when the Ceann Comhairle Sean Barrett said he would be cutting out obscenities before the channel hit the air. Seriously, Sean, why would anybody tune in other than to watch one backbencher telling another one to f**k off?

Gerry must know this channel will be about as popular as a middle-aged German lady in Athens. Could it be that he is planning a spin-off show based on his new-found bromance with Kenny? It would be like Fade Street for grown-ups. Or the Odd Couple. Gerry and Enda (Genda?) move into a city-centre apartment together with hilarious consequences.

Enda comes home to find Gerry and his friends in the living room, playing cards, smoking cigars and denying any knowledge of the Northern Bank robbery. When they're still there the next morning, Gerry says they never went away, you know. The possibilities are endless. And it might just make a few people tune into Dail TV.

Pat Fitzpatrick

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