Sunday 22 April 2018

Culture shock: the land where a 10pc tip is 'insulting'

In the US, tipping culture is rife to the point where students take less-than-minimum-wage jobs in busy bars and restaurants in order to live off their tips.

"I've heard of people paying $100 a night to work in bars in New York as they'd make that back tenfold in tips," says Brian Spollen.

Should you ever travel to the USA, remember that the tip given correlates directly to your opinion of the service, and you could be shamed for not leaving one, even if your experience was lacklustre. Ten per cent is seen as the bare minimum and can still be construed as insulting.

Everyone from valet parking attendants to room service bell boys expect a tip of some sort – in fact you'll often find that you're given your change in America in dollar bills for ease of tipping, especially in bars where it's customary to leave a dollar per drink served.

Can you imagine if that were the case in Ireland? We'd all be bankrupt.

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