Wednesday 20 March 2019

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Q. I have just turned 48 and am at a crossroads in my life. Since leaving school at 17, I have worked in the bar trade. I then worked in stock control in the food sector, taking redundancy in 2006. After this, I started working for a building company as a site supervisor, but have been let go due to the building slump. Working in a pub is not an option for me, as I never liked it. Where can I go from here?

A. You have pointed out that you are not working at present due to redundancy. I work with many individuals who have just experienced redundancy. Most would love to take the opportunity to explore and find the perfect job. Fortunately, some of these individuals have the time and resources to pursue this career exercise.

Unfortunately, for many others, there are family, financial and other pressures forcing them to get back into immediate employment. You need to decide your immediate career goal — is your goal to find any job, or is your goal to find the perfect job?

If you are seeking immediate employment, the quickest route is more than likely related to your previous work history. You have ruled out the bar trade, and the construction sector is slow, so perhaps examine the stock-control option.

Another approach is to look beyond the job role to examine transferable skills such as your management experience. Securing an immediate job, although not ideal, will give you the freedom to refocus in the longer term.

As pointed out, the perfect job can take longer to find, but you have to believe it is out there. This exercise will involve an in-depth analysis of your interests, motivations, preferences at work and key strengths. Seek the advice of others, but remember the final career decision is yours.

Paul Mullan is a career coach with Measurability.

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