Monday 22 January 2018

Bruton's turn in the line of fire

There will only be one topic of conversation on people's lips in the coming year, and that is Richard Bruton. An implausible scenario, admittedly, but think about it.

Every other Cabinet minister has been through the mill in the past 12 months. Enda Kenny was knocked for partying on down with Bruce Springsteen. Eamon Gilmore picked a fight with the Vatican. Pat Rabbitte was in the line of fire over his handling of RTE's various editorial disasters. Michael Noonan was on a hiding to nothing with the Budget.

Brendan Howlin caved in to the unions over allowances. Frances Fitzgerald went toe to toe with John Waters on the children's referendum. As for Phil Hogan and James Reilly, well, it'd be easier to count the rare days when that gruesome twosome wasn't in a political and media firestorm this year rather than the ones when it was.

Only minister for enterprise Richard Bruton has emerged unscathed from the collective meltdown that the Government of the 31st Dail has become.

It has to be his turn in 2013. Stands to reason. In fact, if he hasn't faced at least one mass protest outside the Dail demanding his resignation by this time next year, Not-So-Tricky Dicky should really consider stepping down anyway, as he's clearly not trying hard enough.

Alternatively, he may just go for broke and launch another Fine Gael leadership challenge.

As the promised green shoots of recovery stubbornly refuse to peep out from the frozen soil of austerity, it could well be the most fun we have during 2013.

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