Tuesday 13 November 2018


Alternate history novels found mainstream respectability when Robert Harris released his superb Fatherland, but the undisputed master of this much maligned genre is American professor Harry Turtledove, who has spent the last 30 years writing a series of fantastic 'what-if' novels.

The best of these are probably the Colonization series, which mix alternate history with science fiction -- the Second World War is still ongoing when the planet is invaded by a reptilian alien race. Because they sent the first probes during the Middle Ages, they were expecting to fight against men on horses, instead they come across a surprisingly mechanised human race which is prepared to use nuclear weapons on their own soil rather than surrender.

Complete hokum but great fun.


Stoner movies can be tedious beyond believe but the Dave Chapelle vehicle Half Baked (1998) is different.

When a pot head goes out for some munchies, he meets a police horse and feeds it some sweets. Sadly, the horse is diabetic and dies, so he's charged with being a cop killer.

His friends, meanwhile, try and raise enough money to meet his bail.

Unusually for this genre, it has a lot of heart and Chapelle's script is rude, crude and extremely funny. Check it out on Amazon or Netflix.

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