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Behind the lens

Dorje de Burgh: Untitled (Emma)

"This was one of two photographs that formed the genesis of 'Aufheben' – my ongoing work in progress. I felt it achieved the visual and emotional tone that I was looking for in relation to the project's subject: the uncertainty of Europe's ideological future.

"Added to this is that it overtly embodies to me what I find most fascinating about photography – its remarkably unstable relationship with the real. It is, I feel, a sad or uncomfortable image, yet that is quite entirely unrepresentative of what was going on at the time it was made.

"A photographer named Christopher Anderson described this paradox better than I ever could: 'When we come to grips with the fact that all photography is a lie, the question is not whether or not it is factual, the question is whether or not it is true.'"


Irish Independent