Monday 19 November 2018

Baz Ashmawy

This year was good for me -- probably my busiest. At the start of the year, myself, Mark and Michael did the TV series How Low USA, travelling from coast to coast for nearly three months. There are times, no matter what job you have, when you get tired or annoyed, but I remember thinking on that trip that I have one of the best jobs. It was a great way to start the year.

I also did Celebrity Bainisteoir. I was managing the Wicklow team, Ballymanus. To be honest, I've problems managing myself, never mind 22 lads. But I made a lot of friends and I really enjoyed that -- apart from being beaten by Marty Whelan, which I'm still very bitter over.

There was also How Low Reality Check, the comedy mockumentary with the two lads from How Low.

And then Failte Towers -- for the first week, I felt I never wanted to work in TV ever again. It was kind of like starting a new job but doing it in front of half a million people. It was a real growing-up experience as I've never had that level of media attention before, especially negative media attention. It was the first time I ever really doubted myself, but after the first week, I was a different person -- I felt bulletproof.

Now I'm filming Baz's Culture Clash. I'm going around the world living with people with different beliefs systems. It's very different to anything I've done before and it's a lot more grown-up.

It's the year I started seeing someone. I'm usually single or just have flittering relationships, so that's been very different. That's going to make this year special.

Padraig Harrington winning back-to-back British Opens, and the US PGA was amazing. And it was great to see Jamaican Usain Bolt smashing Olympic records.

As for 2009, I just want to work and make fun TV. I also hope do a little stand-up. And maybe the media will be a bit nicer to me.

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